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Refreshing text in PbEdit and CCEdit

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  • Refreshing text in PbEdit and CCEdit

    During debugging time to time (at least, on my PC) disappears a part of program's text and I should to scroll text to restore it.

    Can't exactly say, in which situations, but enough often in big programs (just now I tried to imitate a situation, but without success).
    Anybody have the same troubles ?

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    I saw it once during some editing. I didn't realize that
    is was just scrolling/refresh issue. I did a select delete,
    then copy from another program and some code disappeared. Used
    UNDO a few times and then repeated the editing. Same result.
    Exited PB and reloaded the compiler, loaded the program and
    repeated the operation. This time OK.

    It occured about a month ago and I was tired so I really have
    ZERO confidence that what I describe above really happened. I
    make a lot of errors and I could just have misinterpered what
    my eyes were seeing. It has never happended again but if
    ever I get a program in a state that repeatedly can reproduce
    such a symptom I'll be sure to pass it on.



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      I have seen problems, and I associate them with paste
      operations toward the end of the file. I would not try
      pasting code at the end of an existing file. Use extreme
      care if something seems wrong in these cases. I have learned
      that I should go to Explorer and copy or rename the original
      and not (NOT) save the code from the IDE without a solid backup.
      I have copied the code from the IDE and pasted it in Notepad
      to be sure I am safe.

      In short better safe than sorry!




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        Just to be clear, there is a known (non-critical) issue with highlighting text with Shift+UP and Shift+Down keys after a Cut/Paste operation, but there are NO known issues with losing text when pasting. To be ever more clear: in early versions of the IDE included with PB/DLL 5.0 there were some issues along these lines, but they were solved almost 2 years ago!

        Please do not post "heresay" unless you can reliably repeat the process to show up the problem. It is very possible for Windows to become unstable (especially if you have just experienced a GPF in you test code or even a seemingly unrelated app), and this can interfere with running applications including the PB IDE. Blindly blaming the PB IDE without rebooting and trying the exact same test again is just not acceptable.

        That said, if we encounter or are made aware of any problems, then all effort if made to correct them - the more serious the problem, the faster it gets fixed. At this point in time, all known issues with the IDE are of the 'non-serious' nature, and are on the "to do" or "in progress" list.

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          I was not repeating "hearsay", but describing a personal
          experience. Please feel free to ignore my post. My de-
          scription of the occurence was accurate within the limits
          of my memory. I thought about not posting it; but decided
          I did feel it really occured. As Lance points out it could
          have been caused by a unstable system. Let me be more general
          so as to not imply where the fault might be : If when editing
          code you have cause to worry about the validity of the text
          which might be saved, you will do well to go to Explorer and
          copy the previously saved file for safety. I then recommend
          you use the clipboard to copy the new work, changes since the
          previous save, and paste it in Notepad. This should allow you
          to recover the current file even if a save fails for whatever