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    It is possible to connect to MS Access databases via PBDLL 6.0?

    Also, can I perform SQL type searches using PowerTree as with MS Access?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Ron

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    Check out SQL Tools...

    PowerTree is a BTree indexing tool used with flat files, not a database manager per se.

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      you may also find this thread useful: sqltools and odbc driver distribution. although he doesn't say it on his web site, i think eric has come to the conclusion that the access odbc files come with all micro$oft 32-bit windows except windows 95.

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        Thanks for the "plugs" Jim and Matthew!

        Ron, it is possible to use an Access database with pure PB/DLL code if you're willing to spend a lot of time figuring out the necessary ODBC/SQL API functions. But I doubt that you'll find anybody who has actually done it who will say that it was easy. Or fun.

        My company's SQL Tools package encapsulates the entire process, so (for example) instead of using dozens of lines of code and nine different API functions, you can open an Access database with just two very simple lines of PowerBASIC code...

            SQL_OpenDB "MyData.DSN"
        For more information, here is a direct link to our SQL Tools page...

        There is also an independent review of SQL Tools there, from a recent issue of the BASICally Speaking newsletter.

        As Matthew pointed out, the Access ODBC drivers that you'll need are available on your Windows 98/NT/2000 CD, or if you're using Windows 95 you can download a free driver package from

        -- Eric

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