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    Originally posted by Eric Pearson:
    In your own words...

    > MS claims that VB is not architected to support thunking.

    So you're saying that you don't believe Microsoft or PowerBASIC, who seem to be in agreement that the problem is with VB?

    -- Eric

    You're out of the loop on this one Eric, sorry.


    Jeffrey J. Borghoff
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      Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

      But I did have a reason for posting that... I encountered a very similar problem about a year ago. I was using ODBC API calls, and I kept getting unexpected OLE-related Application Errors during program-shutdown events, when I had never made any OLE API calls at all. After a lot of research it turned out to be, without any doubt whatsoever, a Windows problem.

      But it did not involve thunking or VB, so it's not the same problem, so I'll shut up now.

      -- Eric

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        You're out of the loop on this one Eric, sorry.
        Nonetheless, his comment is a valid one. Microsoft has already told you its their problem and you don't want to believe them or us.


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