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Limitation to resize my window

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  • Limitation to resize my window


    My window start-size is 640*480 pixel and i like to make sure that it is not possible to resize it more then up to 800*600.
    What do i have to do ???


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    Process the %WM_SIZING (not WM_SIZE) message in your Dialog procedure. This message is sent during the resizing of the Window so you can control how far a window is sized.

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


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      Actually, there is a more efficient method (sorry I forgot about it in the last message). You can process the %WM_GETMINMAXINFO message. This message is where Windows will poll the Dialog procedure for the Minimum and the maximum sizes the window can be sized to.

      Chris Boss
      Computer Workshop
      Developer of "EZGUI"


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        Hello Chris.

        I couldn't find nothing in my (Petzolds) Windows95 programming book about %WM_GetMINMAXINFO OR %WM_SIZING ????



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          The code would look something like this:

          (I modified it a bit and haven't tested it though. I was using similiar code in a subclass procedure for a control, not a window. I think this should work as is.)

                CASE %WM_GETMINMAXINFO
                    ' TYPE MINMAXINFO
                    '    ptReserved AS POINTAPI
                    '    ptMaxSize AS POINTAPI
                    '    ptMaxPosition AS POINTAPI
                    '    ptMinTrackSize AS POINTAPI
                    '    ptMaxTrackSize AS POINTAPI
                    ' END TYPE
                    RV&=DefWindowProc(hDlg, Msg, wParam, lParam)
                    DIM MM AS MINMAXINFO PTR
                    EXIT FUNCTION

          Chris Boss
          Computer Workshop
          Developer of "EZGUI"


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            To process %WM_SIZING also not a problem.

            ' This sample demonstrates, how to restrict dialog's resizing and movement
            ' Based on ideas of Lance Edmonds (subclassing) and
            '                   Chris Boss (usage of %WM_SIZING)
            ' Tasks for this sample: width  = minX .. maxX %%
            '                        height = minY .. maxY %%
            '                        autocenter
            #Compile Exe
            #Dim All
            #Register None
            #Include "win32api.INC"
            Global oldproc As Long
            CallBack Function DlgProc
              Select Case CbMsg
                 Case %WM_DESTROY: SetWindowLong CbHndl, %GWL_WNDPROC, oldproc ' Important
              End Select
            End Function
            CallBack Function subclass
               %minX = 20: %maxX = 80: %minY = 25: %maxY = 75 ' in %% of whole screen
               If CbMsg = %WM_SIZING Or CbMsg = %WM_MOVING Then
                  Local tRect As Rect Ptr, x As Long, xx As Long, y As Long, yy As Long
                  tRect = CbLparam
                  xx = GetSystemMetrics(%SM_CXSCREEN): yy = GetSystemMetrics(%SM_CYSCREEN)
                  x = Min(%maxX / 100 * xx, @tRect.nRight - @tRect.nLeft): x = Max(%minX / 100 * xx, x)
                  y = Min(%maxY / 100 * yy, @tRect.nBottom - @tRect.nTop): y = Max(%minY / 100 * yy, y)
                  @tRect.nLeft = (xx - x) / 2: @tRect.nRight = @tRect.nLeft + x
                  @tRect.nTop = (yy - y) / 2: @tRect.nBottom = @tRect.nTop + y
               End If
               Function = CallWindowProc(oldproc, CbHndl, CbMsg, CbWparam, CbLparam)
            End Function
            Function PbMain
               Local hDlg As Long
               Dialog New 0, "Resizing's restrictions", , , 200, 200, %WS_SYSMENU Or %WS_THICKFRAME To hDlg
               OldProc = SetWindowLong(hDlg, %GWL_WNDPROC, CodePtr(subclass))
               Dialog Show Modal hDlg, Call DlgProc
            End Function

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