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  • Power Code - Anyone ?

    Here's a thought!

    Since many of you (3rd Party guru's) are designing products,
    just wondered if any of you thought about designing a tool
    simular to ---> Total VB SourceBook or others clones, to be
    used for ---> PowerBasic for Windows?

    (Total VB SourceBook )

    (PB did it for Dos version)
    (Wonder why they didn't for PB/DLL) ?

    Basically, SourceBook lists hundreds of functions/routines,
    tested & bug-free examples with great comments.

    (...I know they can be converted, long process)

    How 'bout it PB, Semen, Chris, anyone ?

    Why reinvent the wheel, when someone else has a proven
    method of excellence! This however, doesn't take away
    the programmer's resposibility to use these routines in
    the manor in which they were intended!

    I paid hundreds for Total SourceBook over a year ago,
    and would gladly have given that to someone here for
    a simular pb/product!

    My reasons are simple. I have some many projects, that
    I'm completely booked for the year!



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    On my site i have a helpfile.
    This helpfile is generated from a database.

    Is an helpfile not suff.?



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      While I don't have a program like you mentioned, I do have a Utility (written in VB 5.0) that some might find helpful in producing code from prewritten templates.

      The program currently has been licensed (non-exclusive) by another company for a Basic language (PCode Interpreter) Scripting engine which is part of a Multimedia development system.

      It is a code generator !

      I got the idea for the concept from a DOS product called SoftCode (I have versions 1, 2, and 3 and I bought them directly from Softcode a long time ago). While I was never very crazy about the Templates that came with Softcode (I actually wrote my own), I was very impressed with the "Template" language and the code generator.

      My tool uses a Template Language (it has commands for Input prompts, If Then structure, variables for numbers, strings and colors) which I designed. You can select from a list of templates read in at startup. The templates can have dozens (and more) individual routines from which you can select from. You select a routine and the program will popup an "Input" screen which will ask you questions (more like fill in the blanks). After you answer the questions, the program will allow you select as many routines as you want and then when ready it will generate "customized" code based on your answers to the questions.

      The program can handle Templates for C, VB, PowerBasic, HTML, JavaScript and other languages.

      here are some screen shots of the program:

      I will be porting the program to a PB app and I am considering making a version just for PB with API Templates.

      If anyone is interested in this and would like to discuss its use, please post a question on the Third Party forum !


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      Chris Boss
      Computer Workshop
      Developer of "EZGUI"