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List of classes in DLL

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  • Semen Matusovski
    Mattew --
    Why do you need such information ?
    If you want to avoid conflicts with own RegisterClass, you can test return value of your Register Class.
    If you try to use DLL's classes, you can use Microsoft Spy++ or more comfortable programs for these purposes - Api Spy by Derek Nicol or WinInfo by Andrew Reshin (you move mouse across windows and see Class, parent ...)


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  • Matthew Berg
    started a topic List of classes in DLL

    List of classes in DLL

    Is it possible for a program to get a list of classes (names) created/registered by a third-party DLL (i.e. a library that it knows nothing about)? I know that classes can be registered at any time by a DLL, but I shall assume that most DLLs will register their classes, or at least their main or other significant classes, during the %DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH event.