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Change WinNT login screen resolution w/o reboot?

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    Change WinNT login screen resolution w/o reboot?

    When changing the screen resolution in WindowsNT, the login-screen resolution (seen before login and after logout) does *not* change until you reboot.

    Does anyone know a way to change the pre-login resolution *without* a reboot?

    Many TIA

    I'm assuming you mean non-programmatically? Or programmatically?

    Generally speaking:
    Right click on desktop -> Properties
    Settings Tab

    There should be 3 radio buttons, select "Apply the changes without rebooting".

    Key is, change it and use TEST, if you don't use test it will wait till you test it or reboot.


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      I should be more clear :

      Under WindowsNT, when you change the resolution of the Desktop, and then Logout, your Monitor will *blackout* the screen for a second or so as it adjusts to the resolution of the Login screen - which has *not* changed, and will not change, until you *reboot*. It was and is the old resolution of your desktop and will remain so until reboot. Only upon reboot will the resolution of this Login screen will be changed to the same resolution you have established for the desktop - thus eliminating the annoying "blackout" on the Monitor.

      The Resolution of this Pre-Login/Post-Logout screen seems to be *only* established upon booting the OS and never reacts to a change to the desktop resolution. Not even a "Apply without rebooting" will change its resolution.

      I am seeking a PROGRAMMATICAL WAY to change this Login screen resolution WITHOUT requiring a REBOOT, which is an unnecessary annoyance to the user. The Monitor blacking out is *also* an annoyance (requiring reboot to get rid of it ... until now - I hope!).