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Problem if dialog is moved

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  • Problem if dialog is moved

    I've combined and modified several routines into
    a little setup program (no "copy" code is in it

    All works fine if you follow the prompts
    and run the program.

    The problem occurs if you click on the background
    or move the text box.

    Since it is rather lengthy, I have set up a link
    to it.

    new dialogs are set up for the text box and then
    the owner-drawn progress bar.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Fred, the resource file is not included in your zip file. Is this
    a neccessary item? ('#RESOURCE "WUMENUW1.PBR") I tested it without it, but various problems occured, bitmaps not displayed
    correctly, dialogs not behaving correctly.

    I quickly glanced at your code, but it is very difficult to follow your coding style. I the meantime, I will edit it to my liking and examine it closer.

    Regards, Jules



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      Okay Fred, two possible problems.

      1. Your dialogs are parented by the desktop not your program.
      2. Your dialogs are creaded inside of the WM_PAINT message.

      I have made the changes, but I am still getting multiple dialogs.
      If I can locate the source, it should get you on the way.

      Lunch time now...
      Regards, Jules


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        Jules, actually the biggest part is the pbanim program which
        is not mine (i just modified it) and then the user drawn control that was posted in source code I believe. so very little of it
        is my actual code. I can send the pbr if you like. It actually
        only has icon entries in the rc file.
        like PROGRAM ICON WUMENU.ICO for example.
        I figured it had to do with the paint somehow but just don't know what to do about it.

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          Hi Fred, Patrice Terrier pbanimate is easy to understand because
          I can follow SDK code better. You have DDT mixed with SDK so you
          need to be careful there. You are creating dialogs inside of your WM_PAINT message, so every time the main window sends a paint message you get duplicate copies of your dialogs. And when I click on the dialog itself it also creates duplicate dialogs.

          A better place to one-time it is inside of WM_CREATE in the Main Window Procedure, at least for the first dialog.

          I need to know the sequence of the 3 dialogs and when to kill and create the 2nd and 3rd.

          dialogs - ChgPath()
          - DlgProc()
          - PicProc()

          Once you tell me that, then I can fix it for ya. Then we can look at Patrices code to get the animation going.

          Regards, Jules

          Added, Okay I think your dialogs go like this...

          -Main program executes
          -dialog box 1, ChgPath starts automatically
          -dialog box 2, DlgProc (launched by WndProc:WM_PAINT) <- not correct place
          -dialog box 3, PicProc (launched by dialog box 2)

          I will play with it some more and try to get it to sequence correctly.

          Regards, Jules
          p.s. Semi-finals Hockey Playoffs Leaf's vs Jersey, so I won't be
          working on it tonight!

          [This message has been edited by Jules Marchildon (edited April 27, 2000).]


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            Ok Jules thanks.
            Well once the screen is painted, It asked for the path.
            chgpath. If they press cancel, it should give a messagebox
            that the install was cancelled and I think it says ClicK OK
            to exit.

            Once they enter a path and press ok (or use the default and press OK) then it should call the next one that forms the
            frame area for where it will display the name of the files
            as the "copy" proceeds. Here there is a "start" button but that
            is really not needed (it was part of the user painted progress
            bar and the text was originally something else)
            It then updates the progress bar for the and displays that
            while printing the name of the file being copied below it.
            The progress bar is done in picproc

            Yep you got the order right.
            (unless of course the press cancel in the chgpath)
            then it shows a message and ends as described above.

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              Fred, give me your email address, I will send you the fix I did.

              I think I have it the way you want it to behave as far as the
              dialogs are concerned.

              I have not looked at the animation code yet. I'll do that soon.

              I have a large concern about the placement of the DDT code, but
              I am not a critic so I have left most of it where it is and added
              some If statements to one-time your DDT code.

              Regards, Jules
              Go! Leafs GO!


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                Fred, anytime you want it, just mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A> me.


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                  Jules it's [email protected]

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