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Are the PBR Files compiled into EXE compressed?

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    Are the PBR Files compiled into EXE compressed?


    I should probably just try this myself, but I havent yet read up on the details of creating RC, RES and PBR files.
    But basically, I'm wondering if I create a bunch of icons and bitmaps and then include them into a RC --> RES --> PBR file and then include them into my EXE via #Resource "blah.pbr" , does this process compress the bitmaps and icons so that the EXE size can remain small?

    For instance if i have 1.5 meg Bitmap and it gets compiled into the EXE via a PBR file, will the EXE be smaller than 1.5 megs or will the exe now be guaranteed to be at least 1.5megs?


    Items that are placed in resource files are not compressed by the process. If you want to compress a bitmap you should use a program that can perform standard RLE-encoding of the bitmap, and embed the compressed bitmap in your resource.

    In fact, the Microsoft resource file format can actually make certain things larger. Strings, for example, are saved in a "Unicode" format that requires two bytes per character instead of one.

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      Nifty, it worked like a charm. I added a RLE bitmap into my PBR file and was able to assign it to an image control as if it were an ordinary bitmap. Glad to see i didnt need to add any decoding code to get it to work.