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  • New version of l2pb.exe

    I have posted on my home and UK site, the next version of the
    utility l2pb.exe. I lost the source code for the last one on a
    dead disk last year so I had to write a new one.

    This version is faster as it does all its processing in memory
    and only does 1 disk read & 1 disk write per file. It uses a
    more compact form of declaration where all parameters are declared
    as "ByVal LONG" and it means that to use the include files, you
    either pass the direct value "ByVal" or you pass the address of
    a value "ByVal" using either VarPtr() or StrPtr.

    The only known problems are name clashes where the compiler has
    reserve words that are the same as API names, SLEEP & BEEP are the
    two that I can find.

    From the PLATFORMSDK libraries in the January 2000 edition, it creates
    an include file for every IMPORT library and this is about 1.25 meg of
    API declarations. In most instances, the PowerBASIC include files
    do the job and in some instances, they are easier to use but this
    utility will routinely create include files for any microsoft IMPORT
    library that are not contained in the standard include files.


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