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PowerBASIC Professional v1.0 for Windows 95 98 NT

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  • PowerBASIC Professional v1.0 for Windows 95 98 NT

    Dear Dave,

    In our telephone conversation a while ago, we talked about to supply PBDLL complete of a GUI with drag and drop possibility and the use of components as in Delphi. Then I introduced you to sent my project, that I write in Delphi, but your answer was that your team also busy was with an equal application. Is it than useful to proceed with my development, because you are going to bring it out?

    Why I had it so many times about OOP and specially the forums, is because it offers your company many possibilities and for your 3th parts companies, because for them it will be also useful. OOP also has de possibility to divide everything faster in classes and so create an environment as in Delphi.

    PowerBASIC got my attention because you can really work with pointers and there are many useful functions available and I’m convinced that when you provide OOP and event-programming with all versions of PB, that will score very high with the consumers.
    I also promote PowerBASIC in Belgium, because it isn’t very known., but that will change fast.
    Further I don’t have any arguments, but a very fast compiler and little exe-code and the not use of rutime-modules, this will slow the program. Go on people, because you are really following Borland and I’m sure and I’m looking forward to the new compilers!

    Yours sincerely

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    See my new thread, PowerBasic is Great!!!


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