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wishlist for PBDOS.PBCC. PBDLL

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  • wishlist for PBDOS.PBCC. PBDLL

    Dear Dave

    I’ d love to see come corrections and more advanced possibilities.

    v corrected and advanced formatted input and output for the keyboard and screen
    v Local record types to use in functions and sub
    v more stringfunctions as: STRCOMP, STRCOPY, STRINSERT
    v Datatypes SHORT and ENUM
    v Const as % because that’s confusing (Const ESC = 27)
    v The local use of constants
    v pré-installations of variables, arrays, records
    v use of statement $INLINE
    v use datapointers in arguments in functions and subs as function values as passing data pointers.
    v the use of PUBLIC, RIVATE, EXTERN in units
    v implement the use of units in the PBCC/PBDLL versions, because it gives a safty and your code is compiled (static linking)
    v more graphic PBU’s or PBL’s in PBDOS
    v add more standard DLL’s with the standard routines, that is many used.
    v I shall not name OOP anymore because you know that already

    I’d love it that you will built in OOP in your compiler, because you see that it will become more importment when they shall create bigger applications and they are gone be more difficult and the classes will be absent. It’s a good move.

    I’d love to have that you will name this possibilities to teach it to your developer team and Research.

    Yours sincerely

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    See my new thread, PowerBasic is Great!!!


    pt AT pursuersoft DOT com


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      Pour ton information, Dave Navarro ne travaille plus pour PowerBASIC.
      Adresses tes messages à Lance ou Tom.

      For your information, Dave Navarro doesn't work anymore for PowerBASIC.
      Send either your messages to Lance or Tom.

      Patrice Terrier
      mailto[email protected][email protected]</A>
      Patrice Terrier
      Addons: GDImage.DLL 32/64-bit (Graphic library), WinLIFT.DLL 32/64-bit (Skin Engine).


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        I have a sneaking suspicion that Stephane does not read the responses to
        his many posts saying the same thing over and over again. A number of
        people have already explained the mistakes that he keeps making about the
        capacity of PowerBASIC yet he keeps posting the same things over and over

        Now I am not sure if Stephane reads English all that well so it may be
        useful if one of the members who speaks the dialect where Stephane is from
        to try and explain to him that repeating the same mistakes over and over
        again offends other members.

        While many of the members defend the right to have an opinion about the
        dialects of PowerBASIC, repetition in error simply irritates the many
        programmers who are members here who know better than to keep making the
        same mistake.

        When you can easily see that there are programmers who come to this forum
        who write in assembler, basic, C, C++, Pascal and I suspect a reasonable
        number who are experienced in Fortran, cobol and specialised languages like
        Forth as well, hacking through the same list in what appears to be a method
        of sounding off with terminology that is not properly understood is a
        formula to keep offending many people.

        This is finally a moderated forum and if you do not respect the other
        members by repeatedly spamming the forum with the same incorrect set of
        assertions, the moderators may have to remove your postings from the forum.

        The ball is in your court Stephane, it would be fair to others if you
        actually read the many postings that members have made in response to your
        repeated spamming of the forum. We have in fact all heard of OOP style
        programming and many who write in PowerBASIC do so to avoid that style of
        code where the performance is not good enough.

        Regards and please read what other people post as a response to your many

        [email protected]

        hutch at movsd dot com
        The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries


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          I totally agree with your comments.

          To Bob Zale:

          I think the time has come to create a new forum whereby USERS of
          PowerBASIC can express their wishes about product improvements with a limit of one thread (editable of course) on the forum and make it a log in type requiring a valid PB serial number. This would limit the jargon on this forum and limit requests to bonafide users of PB. Any posts not related would be FILE13'ed. End of story.