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Availability of resources is machine depent (for Lance Edmons)?

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  • Lance Edmonds
    My first suggestion would be to suspect the graphics driver. Try rebooting in safe-mode, or installing a standard VGA driver. As you have discovered, there problem is with that laptop alone, so you'll have to start changing drivers and/or parts before you get to the bottom of it.

    If it is worth the effort though...

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  • Agustin Tristan-Lopez
    Guest started a topic Availability of resources is machine depent (for Lance Edmons)?

    Availability of resources is machine depent (for Lance Edmons)?

    I´ve studied a lot concerning deletion of objects used in my program.
    According to your suggestions. I could isolate the module that produces the problem.
    It is a 3rd party function used to make RTF edition under a window, called TER window.
    There is also a function to close tghe TER window and it is indicated by the producer that closeTER function
    will eliminate every object.
    The problem is very important as the program reduces 1% of the user and GDI resources everytime I open the window TER and I cannot recover those resources.
    If I use the program several times I can reduce resources up to 0!

    Well, I sent a small demo program to the producer to show him how resources go down every time the program opens the TER window. He said that
    he doesn´t experiment this reduction even with my demo program. As I didn´t believe that I used the same demo program in other machines
    we have in our office, and surprise! the problem is not presented!
    I´ve tested again and over different machines. What I´ve found is that only my Toshiba
    notebook pentium II with 32 MB, windows 98, 2 GB free disk, and another Pentium I, 120 MHz, windows 95, 500 MB free hard disk and 16 MB I
    have the problem.
    I`ve tested on different brands of machines, memory, free disk, windows version, and the problem is not present.
    All the machines in our office use McAfee antivirus, with the same configuration.

    What can be the reason of this machine dependent problem? Is there something in the configuration of windows?

    I shall appreciate your answer.

    Agustin Tristan