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My first program win PB/DLL 6.0

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  • My first program win PB/DLL 6.0

    I just got PB/DLL 6.0 it looks grate BUT I need just a little help.. I would like to make a program useing the Dialog Editor - PowerGEN - PB/DLL.. If I'm correct that's the order I would do it in.

    I am a little confused in the following. What do I do with the files in after the Dialog Editor And how do I get them into PowerGEN and then back into PB/DLL... I am use to the PB/Vision for DOS and how it works and from my understanding it very simler..

    Also PowerGEN tells me that it can use Dialogs from Microsoft Visual Studios. I have both Microsft VS 5.0 and 6.0 but when I try to save the dialog in MS VS it saves it as a FRM file not a RES file.. How do I use MS VS for this?

    If this is tomuch to explane hear then can you tell me what location in the Help files I should look.

    Thanks for all the help you can give,

    Bobby Gage II

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    I have both Microsft VS 5.0 and 6.0 but when I try to save the dialog in MS VS it saves it as a FRM file not a RES file..
    In Visual Studio 6, you should launch the Visual C++ icon, not the Visual Basic icon. It sounds like you're trying to use VB to create the resource script. Once in VC++, create a new resource script (from the Files tab after choosing File, New on the menus) and use the graphical editor to draw your dialog.

    For a list of steps to take, look at the topic named "A brief look at Windows programming" in the PowerGen help file. The first numbered list in the topic contains the basic steps. The gotcha on this one if you're new to resource scripts is #2. Look at the "Address.rc" in the examples that ship with PowerGen to see where to add your custom CLASS statement.

    Troy King
    [email protected]

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    Troy King
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      Generate a dialog
      mayby an icon or bit file
      compile *.rc with rc.exe (this generates the *.res)
      compile *.res with pbres (this generates the *.pbr)
      The rc file is input into powergen. (this generates the *.bas)
      The *.pbr is input as an include in the *.bas.
      Compile the *.bas program.

      If interested in an interface for this. Send me an e-mail.




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        Yes I would!!! What's your EMail address? It's not posted. My address is [email protected] .


        Bobby Gage II


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          bobby, be sure to read the faq's in the faq forum on using dlgedit with powergen...

          have a look through the faq forum - these is other information that is likely to be helpful to you.

          powerbasic support
          mailto:[email protected][email protected]</a>
          mailto:[email protected]