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  • Exe Too Small???

    I thought you would enjoy this:

    I distribute freeware satellite tracking ( that I wrote with PBDLL6.0. One person emailed me and said they almost overlooked my software because the one and only exe was so small, he thought it couldn't be much of a program!!! Guess size does matter?

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    Brent Boshart

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    Confuse them even further, optimise it to get the size down even
    further and advertise in your web site that leading edge EXE
    programs do not use either VB or VC runtime DLLs.


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      You may have already discovered that the PowerBASIC compilers don't come with a bloat switch to make the compiler produce professional- (a few megabytes) and enterprise- (entire CD) sized applications. The Micro$oft development tools come with this handy "feature" built-into the compiler, requiring no intervention on the part of the developer to produce executables that leave the user in no doubt that it is a "real" application.

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        It is a good idea to "advertise" the PowerBasic compiler by adding to your web site , "built with PowerBasic DLL 6.0".

        Let people know "why" the app is so small and fast.

        The size of an app is important when delivering via the web. There are many programs I have "wanted" to download, but didn't because they were too big and I didn't want the hassle.

        A PB developer ported a VB app which was a 2.3 meg download to a PB app which was a 380 KB download . It is a commercial app demo, so the more downloads he gets the better and the smaller size should encourage more downloads. I have read posts by others who had few downloads when the app was a "big" VB app, but had many downloads when converted to PB.

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          One can always use the MS way of doing it and include a couple of
          fullcolor graphics in a resource file. Voil√° - your tiny little
          50KB exe suddenly becomes a "true" 4 MB MS-style one..

          I'm currently porting my word processor/language translator, Tolken99
          to pure PB. A VB5 compilation of it resulted in > 5MB, just for the
          program. I still have some dialogs left to do, but as it looks right
          now, the complete program, together with some DLL's from TX Textcontrol
          will end up at a size < 1.44 MB (not counting some huge databases
          that will be included). Not to mention the speed gain and extended
          control I now get over all my code.

          Do I like PB? Yes, I simply *love* PB..



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            Hello Borje

            I also have been using TXText from VB for an internal app and have been thinking how nice it would be to to use the TXText DLLs (not the ActiveX vesion) from PB but didn't have the time to build all the declares. Would it be possible for you to share the declares with the PB community?




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              Hi Brent,

              I'm not sure I can do it without violating their copyright. I'll
              have to check with TX Textcontrol Inc. before I do it.



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                It is a good idea to "advertise" the PowerBasic compiler by adding to your web site , "built with PowerBasic DLL 6.0".
                Shhhhh Chris... we don't the world to know our secret!
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                  Again, statistics speak for themselves:

                  Winlog For Windows 98 v3.0 - VB, 2.1 meg download

                  450 users in one year

                  Winlog For Windows 98 v4.0 - PB 56k
                  6,800 + downloads in one year

                  Can't argue with that now can I?

                  I think my 45 day eval and lack of nagware after 45 days let people forget about it, that's fixed LOL..


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