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Printed Manuals are they worth it?

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  • Printed Manuals are they worth it?


    This question is directed at all the PowerBasic users, Are the printer manuals worth purchasing? Are they any better than the online help?



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    To my knowledge, they are identical to the on-line help. I bought them because I like to read on the toilet (it bugs my wife). Until she lets me put a computer in the bathroom, I'll be buying manuals

    Don Dickinson


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      For the most part, the help/pdf files are the same as the manuals.
      However, there is some additional facts in the printed versions.

      I can get away with the electronic format, but I like having the paper
      in my hands so I can read it in detail anytime,anyplace with and
      without my computer.

      So, really it depends on your preferrences. I would recomend investing
      in one.

      Regards, Jules


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        IMO, when I have a new product (meaning new to me) I like to have printed docs. After that, I prefer help files and PDF files because they are searchable.

        One disadvantage of printed docs that people often overlook is that they become dated relatively fast. Files are easy to update, and cheap for the author to re-distribute.

        -- Eric

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          Are the printed manuals for powerbasic updated for all the documentation changes?



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            As it stands right now, the printed documentation is slightly more up-to-date than the help file. The DDT discussion in the help file is more extensive than the printed documentation, however.

            The printed doc's were finalized just after PB/DLL 6.0 started shipping and this provided a small window of opportunity to do some last minute changes and amendments before the printing process commenced.

            There have been no changes made to either document since they were first shipped, but there are some errata details in the FAQ forum.

            The help file is very likely to be updated and shipped with the next compiler update, but I have no information on if/when the printed documentation will be updated.

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