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Using server resources instead of Workstation

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  • Using server resources instead of Workstation

    My question is simple: if I have a dll that handles a database in a multi-user environment, I would like to call the DLL from the workstation program, yet to use only the resources on the server. It is rather heavy and it kind of 'locks up' a simple workstation.

    I tried putting the DLL on the server (NT Server 4.0), declaring it with the proper address and calling it, the local memory and processor are still used, I believe (i.e. symptems of lock-up still there.).

    How do I force it to use the local memory ?? (Yes, I already know a Unix machine would do it ...)

    Hope you can help

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    Take a look at "Remote Procedure Calls" in the WIN32.HLP file.

    But it would probably be easier to create a client-server application, where the main program actually runs on the server and "client" programs on the workstations use InterProcess Communication to ask the "server" program to do things and then pass the final results to the clients for display.

    -- Eric

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