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MDI-application with workspace window

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  • Jules Marchildon
    You will need to create a seperate class for that window or subclass it.
    Create the window with the styles, 'Thickframe and Border'. You can position
    or move it programmatically. It can be resized by dragging any of the four
    borders. If you want to drag it around with the mouse, you will need
    to process the WM_NCHITTEST message and define an area you will allow
    the window to be dragged.

    I have various snippets available in SDK style. Send me an email I would be
    happy to send you a few.

    Regards, Jules

    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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    Guest started a topic MDI-application with workspace window

    MDI-application with workspace window

    I am working on an MDI-application with a workspace-window to the left (just like in the Visual C++ IDE). The hard part of this is to make it possible for the user to resize the windows by dragging the borders.
    Anybody got a link or a snipper?