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    In a way, I agree with Warren Danial. I recently ported a small DOS app to PB/DLL6. I took me over a week. Part of the problem was that, although the docs indicate that DEFtype is supported the compiler chocks when a datatype is not specified, and part of the problem is the weak documentation.

    When I finally compiled the app without compile time bugs, I received runtime error messages stating that I could not create the controls I wanted to create. So I had to go a completely different route to accomplish the task. This took some doing, again because of weak documentation concerning MODAL and MODELESS operation.

    After getting the thing to run, it was in snail mode as apposed to turtle mode for the DOS app. Most of the problem stems from the number of callbacks between the app and the system, and a small portion is from the way I had to implement random access file reading.

    One of the big problems with the docs is that very little info is presented concerning the DDT tools. Another problem is that the docs do not give a clear explanation of the difference between WINMAIN and PBMAIN and what all the equates, structures, and declares pertain to in the *.INC files.

    However, with all the problems I encountered, I am confident that, as I become more proficient, I will be able to do more, faster, and have the apps outperform even DOS apps.

    PS: Judging from the number of posts on this board compared to the others, I suspician that there is a great need for a more comprehensive manual.

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    Walt Decker