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    Folks --
    Ok, guys, let's begin.
    Current copy of Source code section:
    (to unzip better to use something similar Winzip - long file names)
    Reminder for IE users. The easiest way to copy in off-line, is
    a) in IE Ctrl-C
    b) start Wordpad, Ctrl-V
    c) in Wordpad to select again, Ctrl-C
    d) start Pb, Ctrl-V

    or you can use an utility, which I posted some monthes ago (Struggle with forum software)

    Hope, that somebody will support this initiative.

    [This message has been edited by Semen Matusovski (edited June 20, 2000).]


      I'm on to it, Semen. I've grabbed the files from your site, written
      a parser that replaces html-line breaks with proper text file breaks,
      strips and then removes all html code. It Appends each file to a text
      file and so, the 625 files with a total size of +10MB you had,
      are now down to a single 3.2 MB text file.

      Now all I have to do is to create a search & find program for this
      file and also add my syntax color code to a preview window. Most
      of the code already exists in some form, so I'll try to find time
      to finish it up later on tonight. Right now I must take care of
      some boring business before I can wrap this baby up, but it looks
      good, so I think it will be worth it..




        I assume your going to be a nice programmer and share with all the other kids?

        [email protected]


          A program that "harvests" from a web site in this manner is called a "robot". These programs can place a great deal of stress on the web server by demanding too much information too quickly. It is important to recognize this and design your program accordingly. Please refer to the following links for more information:

          It is also important for a well-behaved "robot" to respect the settings in the web site's robots.txt file. The settings at have recently been changed to allow robots into the forums.

          Tom Hanlin
          PowerBASIC Staff


            Put it in a CHM file, it's the best way i think!
            On MS site you can get the htmlhelp compiler..