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Problem with paper sizes

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  • Problem with paper sizes

    When I "designed" the printout from one of our programs I used "A4" as
    paper size as I live in Sweden and most of our customers are in Europe.
    Now one of our american customers has complained and told me that my
    printout design does not fit paper size "letter". I have checked and of
    course he is right. Is there a way to "resize" output to printers or
    must I check paper size for default printer in Windows and have two
    "designs" for print output? Just "adjust" all printer output for "letter"
    will give 22 mm (almost 1") unwanted blank area at the bottom of the

    Krister Olsson

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    Krister --
    Your question is a little strange (at least, for me).
    It's very easy to receive height/width of parer (as I remember, we discussed such question two-three monthes ago).
    Typical print is TextOut, where you set x, y.
    To begin new page is used StartPage.
    If you don't want to change initial layout simply calculate dy and use it in TextOut (y + dy).



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      I cannot think else than be sure the contents fit on a page.
      So, you might restrict the user or may find a way to be more flexible.

      personally i don't think this is a very big problem, at least not to me, we use a wordwrap procedure on text.
      However, we also print columns, maybe a simple recalc of space in between is enough?
      Stretching is not the way i think.



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        Scale your fonts and line spacing according to the size of the print area on the page. This way your code can become paper-size-independant, whether the user chooses a label, envelope, A4, letter or Foolscap page size.

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