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  • New asm package release

    I have just posted the next version of MASM32 on my 2 sites,

    Almost all of the tools and toys are written in PowerBASIC PBDLL and PBCC.
    Some are written directly in MASM but the general drift is that a project
    of this size and for a very demanding audience has to be written with size
    and performance in mind and this is where PowerBASIC compilers show their
    real power.

    For anyone who is interested in writing assembler, there is a wide range
    of example code in version 6 of MASM32 and an increasing amount of it has
    been prototyped in PowerBASIC as the inline assembler in PowerBASIC is so
    good that the code can be ported across to MASM with only minor notation


    [email protected]
    hutch at movsd dot com
    The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries

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    Hi Hutch

    very impressive - this is a great package.





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      would like to know how the editor was build.

      cEdit class?



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        Thank you very much for the 'very' complete download, everything works like a charm. I also downloaded Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Tutorial. Between the two, I've grasped more about ASM and the Windows API than I thought possible in such a short time! This will really come in handy for PowerBASIC!

        Thanks again,

        "It was too lonely at the top".


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          Thanks for your comments, I hope MASM32 version 6 is useful to programmers
          who like to write low level code and enjoy the inline assembler capacity
          of PowerBASIC.


          The editor uses a standard CreateWindowEx() function call for a rich edit
          control and "RICHEDIT" as the window class. It uses the following,

          LoadLibrary "RICHED32.DLL"

          With a text editor where I was after speed, a richedit 1 control is faster
          that the later versions and it is a true ascii editor which better suits
          the requirement for writing code. The rest of the editor is just straight
          API code with a lot of PowerBASIC inline assembler functions to get the
          speed up and the size down.

          Quick Editor uses an unusual approach to getting the text out of the control
          as Microsoft in their wisdom did not provide a function to do it directly,
          it immobilises the screen, selects all of the text in the control and writes
          it to a buffer, writes it directly to disk in one write and then re-enables
          the screen again.

          The tiny editor TheGun.Exe uses the normal EM_STREAMIN/OUT messages with
          the OS defined callback functions to both load and save the contents of the
          edit control. It is written in MASM and it is well suited to use this
          technique as it was designed for minimum disk and memory footprint.


          [email protected]

          hutch at movsd dot com
          The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries