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  • More Requests :)

    Hello All,

    I just thought of a couple of small requests for the powerbasic IDE.

    1. I have noticed that PBEDIT doesn't properly load and display a source file passed on the command line. It does come up but the file window is blank.

    2. I would like to be able to compile .RC files from PBEDIT when I click the compile button. For some reason this did work in V5 but it stopped working in V6.

    3. Fix the syntax hilighting.

    4. F7 key to build the current source. This is just a left over from Visual Studio.

    5. I really can't stand that the compiler makes the compiled exe file all upper case. I would like the case to be lower or maybe linked to the "KeyWords Case" in the options menu.

    6. I would also like there to be another "KeyWords Case" option of Lower case.

    7. MouseWheel support for scrolling!!

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    Mark, check the Third-Party forum on the topic of UltraEdit. Lots of us use it as our PB-IDE, and it can do everything you've mentioned and more. It's an inexpensive shareware editor.
    Troy King
    katravax at yahoo dot com