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What s/w packages use PB/DLL???

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    What s/w packages use PB/DLL???

    What software packages use PB/DLL?

    That is, is there a list of well-known or maybe somewhat-popular packages that use PB/DLL?

    Or, do all the really successful packages use VC++?

    This list would include popular shareware, or freeware... like WinZip, etc.

    PB/DLL has worked great for me on doing specialized tasks for custom software, but I always wondered what "name" packages have used it.

    Any comments?

    Thanking you in advance.

    John Dunbar



    While I don't know of any off the bat, I would gather that most
    well known commercial packages are written in C.

    The reason is quite simple.

    Basic has always gotten a bad rap as being a "beginners" language
    and not for real programmers. In the Win 32 environment, VB tends
    to rule for custom programming and C for well known commercial apps.

    C produces tighter and faster apps and is closer to the API for

    PB is actually more powerful IMO than C and more productive because
    it is Basic (easier to manitain than C), but it has not caught on
    yet as a full blown development tool. Its own product name :

    PB DLL

    implies ownly a DLL development tool, rather than a true
    standalone development system.

    PB DLL 6.0 is the first version, where PowerBasic has attempted
    to make it look like a true standalone WIN32 development system
    , but they should have changed the name of the product.

    In Version, 6.0, IMO, PB is just getting its feet wet as a
    standalone development system (rather than an addon to VB,
    of which is was marketed as for years). Now that they have
    gotten their feet wet and they know the temperature of the water
    , likely they will jump into the "deep end of the pool" and
    start swimming.

    More and more VB programmers are "jumping ship" and looking for
    something better. A PB gets more noticed by the "big fish" in the
    software developers sea, likely more and more companies will choose
    PB as their primary development tool (thats what I hope to see).

    I jumped ship a year ago and now PB is my primary development tool
    , not just an addon. In a few years, I may even forget what VB looked like.

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


      My Winlog For Windows 2000 has not yet become a house hold name (LOL) I'd like it to someday but it's 100% PB/DLL.

      PS, this is not an ad for the product, just a demonstration of PB/DLL's ability.


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      MCSE, MCP+Internet
      Scott Turchin
      MCSE, MCP+I
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        Most of the working code, like translation engines, spell checker
        and search routines, etc, in Tolken99, my word processor/language
        translator are built in PB/DLL. With a couple of hundred thousand
        downloads and a bit more than 10,000 licenses sold, I think it can
        qualify as "somewhat-popular".

        The interface is still built with VB's help, but that is about to
        change because a complete re-build, using pure PB all the way, is
        now being done. Next version will hopefully show just how powerful
        PB can be..