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    Would anybody out there have any recomendations/ideas on how to
    create a database or excel spreadsheet control. I know there is
    an ActiveX component that does this but there must be a way of
    doing this with out using/encapsulating ActiveX controls...

    Thank you...


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    There's ODBC and the EXCEL api, both are in the files section (ftp)

    But you could use VB and using a PB DLL to send VB the requests.

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      Hi Mark,

      I think Farpoint's Spread Grid control has Excel capabilities.
      I do not know if the Excel capability is included in the DLL

      PerfectSync software offers SQLTools for ODBC, allowing you to
      use any ODBC driver with quite a bit less hassle than using the ODBC SDK.


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        To load an existing spreadsheet from an Excel-formatted file

        1. Call the SSIsExcelFile function to determine if the file is in the Excel BIFF8 format.
        2. Call the SSGetExcelSheetList function, and set the parameters as follows:

        a. Set the value of the lpszFileName parameter to the path and filename of the Excel spreadsheet.
        b. Set the value of the lpszLogFileName parameter to the path and filename of the log file that records the manner in which Spread handles the import of Excel features, including cell types and other settings. If you do not want to generate a log file, set the lpszLogFileName parameter to NULL.

        3. Call the SSImportExcelSheet function, and set the function parameters as follows.

        a. If you want to use a Worksheet number,

        i. Set the sSheetNum parameter to the Worksheet number.

        The Worksheet number is zero-based and is an index in the array (lpghList) returned by the SSGetExcelSheetList function in step 2.

        ii. Set the lpszSheetName to NULL.

        b. If you want to use a Worksheet name,

        i. Set the lpszSheetName parameter to the Worksheet name.

        The Worksheet name is a name from the array (lpghList) returned by the SSGetExcelSheetList function in step 2.

        ii. Set the sSheetName parameter to –1.

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          Hello All,

          Thank you all for you're answers but I think there has been a
          misunderstanding about what exactly I was looking for. I don't
          need to read or write database or excel data, I just wanted a
          control that looked like a spread sheet. I thought that the
          Header or ListView control would allow this but I haven't been
          able to get the results I wanted. I have the funny feeling that
          I will have to write this type of control myself?



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            Mark --

            The Windows API does not provide a "native" grid in the way that it supplies list boxes, buttons, etc. But there are a couple of different third-party grids available. I have been using the ProtoView grid (DLL version) with PB/DLL and I have been very happy with it.


            It's a little pricey ($395) but very flexible and robust. If that's too expensive, there are other alternatives but I haven't used them so I'll let other people speak up.

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              Search the BBS for "grid" - I know of at least one grid control in development written in pure PB/DLL.

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