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About the new code /code format..

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  • About the new code /code format..

    I don't often complain, but - the new, smaller fonts for formatted
    code in these forums are terrible. I only have a 15 inch screen and
    a couple of 45 year old, almost worn-out eyes to use - I actually
    can't read the formatted code at all any longer. Does this mean it's
    time for us "old-timers" to jump off the PB Forums cliff..?

    ..or could some kind soul possibly change it back to what is was.. please?


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    Say again?
    I can't see you

    Yoke, but you can enhance you look by increasing the font size in your browser.

    [email protected]


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      Ah, I'm saved - thank you ever so much for the tip. I learn
      something new each day here. Changed Courier from 10 to 12
      and so now, I can see clearly again..



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        There's an "alternative" browser caled Opera at that you may also wish to look in to. It's not free, and I don't necessarily understand relative costs other than pounds sterling, US dollars and Canadian dollars, but it has been worth the money to me as I have questionable eyesight as well. The feature that applies here is the window scaling... not only does it make the font larger, but can zoom the entire window in 10% increments. It makes the fonts, pictures, everything larger, and has been a real godsend for some sites that hard-code font sizes. Unlike Internet Explorer which doesn't let you enlarge stylesheet-coded fonts (unless you tell it to ignore stylesheet font-sizes altogether), Opera lets you zoom them just fine. Also, it has options to turn off popup windows and other very user-friendly features. Every feature also has a keyboard equivalent for people like me that hate to switch between the keyboard and mouse constantly, and is less than a 2MB download. So you may not want a pay-browser since MS and Netscape offer their free, but I just wanted to mention it as it's a very good browser and has been well worth the cost to me.

        Troy King
        [email protected]
        Troy King
        katravax at yahoo dot com


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          I cheated, I just bought a bigger monitor when I built the current box
          and run it in 800 x 600 so I can still read the print. Edwin's suggestion
          is the right one, just tweak the font size and you will get a bit more life
          out of the old monitor.

          I am hopeful that the price of larger monitors will come down at about the
          rate that I keep needing larger print sizes so I can still more or less
          see what I am doing. I guess the problem will come when I can't fit a bigger
          monitor on my table.


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          hutch at movsd dot com
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            Well, thank for all the tips fellows. Opera is a wonderful browser,
            but I prefer using Netscape - been using it for many years now, both
            as a paying customer and now the freeware version of it, so..

            The problem with changing the font size for Courier is that I have
            to change it back when I handle mail/newsgroups. This means a lot
            of changing back and forth and I already know it will mean I won't
            even bother to do it from time to time and then simply skip trying
            to read the formatted code here.

            I saw that Dave Navarro also made a posting about this, actually
            quite serious issue, so - please, someone at PB staff - could you
            possibly change this back to what it was again? Double-Please?



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              I'll ask Tom to recheck the script at his end, but the last time we spoke about it the settings *were* identical to the previous version of the BBS software... obviously something has changed!

              PowerBASIC Support
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              mailto:[email protected]


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                For Netscape, make sure when you select a font size you also select the
                option to Use Document-specified fonts, including dynamic fonts.



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                  The problem seems to be specific to Netscape. I'll get the settings switched back.

                  Tom Hanlin
                  PowerBASIC Staff