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    Steve said:

    "I have found from experience that the old C brigade have little to say
    when the code they write is bigger and slower than the basic they wish
    to criticise, multiport code is an excuse to justify old tech that no
    longer performs."

    Well said, Steve.

    One of the worst programs that I've ever seen, in the wireless communications industry, is written in C, using serial and graphics functions from a VERY 'well-establised' company that provides 'tools' for C programming. This program is one of the worst 'memory hogs' that I've ever seen, and it isn't any faster (and may be slower) than any PowerBASIC program that I've written.

    John Rayfield, Jr.
    Rayfield Communications, Inc.
    Springfield, Missouri



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      While Linux is a strong contender for Web servers and will continue
      to grow, few in the industry expect Linux to ever end up on the
      desktop. I have read articles in magazines about Linux being great
      but it will be a very unlikely it will reach every desktop like
      Windows. Linux support will be good for CGI and Web server stuff,
      but will likely not be important for the "masses" of computer users.

      How many big commercial apps exist for Linux ?
      We follow the linux community very closely and currently everything is going
      very fast. Already a lot of big companies have already showed there intrest
      in this market. Problem with linux is that it doesn't has a development
      environment for desktop apps. Just compare it with the windows time when
      RAD tools like delphi and VB (and pbdll) didn't existed. At that time there were almost
      no real commercial programs available.

      But what I think that with the upcoming of kylix (delphi for linux) that market
      will grow very fast. Because development will be much easier. That's why I think
      now is the perfect time for powerbasic to jump into the linux hype. People will
      look for tools to design on linux and will find them very fast with only a few
      real desktop programming languages available.

      Take a look at , to see how many programs already exist
      for linux.