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  • Used Bytes per Directory

    Is there a more efficient way to get the
    byte size of any given directory than
    iterating all files with findfirstfile
    and findnextfile and totaling the file
    sizes? What I would like to determine is
    the byte size of all files in a dir., used
    bytes by those files, and determine after
    that the cluster waste.

    This is my first post to this forum although
    I am no stranger to it. It is a truly invaluable
    resource and I would like to express my gratitude
    to all the professionals who share their knowledge.
    I would feel fortunate to begin sharing with this
    group what I can.


    Michael Ritter

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    Sorry I can't offer better news on your first post, but there is no more efficient way of doing that.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      99,99% sure that there is no similar function.
      1) I didn't saw examples (with GetDiskFreeSpaceEx - a lot).
      2) I know one very good file manager (FAR).
      It's visible that this program exactly calculates.
      The same about Explorer (test directories on slowly devices - DVD, CD, FDD)