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  • Context Help???

    I think i saw an example made by Lance showing how to use context help in dialogs.
    Anybody know the link?



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    tips: use the search facility of these forums to find what you
    are looking for. you are also welcome to visit my pb samples
    web-page at and download
    poffs, a program that enables you to perform offline searches
    among all messages posted up to july 7th this year. a bit big,
    9 mb packed size, but can be useful in many situations..

    (time to update it, i know. will do that as soon as i can)



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      Thanks Borge

      I know the search facility, but dit not search for 'WhatsThisHelp'
      I know POFFS too. It is very nice.




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        I was studying Lance's excellent example referenced above, and stubled
        on a couple or mystifying aspects.

        1. If %WS_MAXIMIZEBOX and/or %MINIMIZEBOX styles are added to the
        DIALOG NEW statement, they seem to override the %DS_CONTEXTHELP
        style. That is, the question mark does not appear before the
        mimimize icon in the right hand corner of the title bar.

        2. The PBDLL60 help indicates that CONTROL GET TEXT for a combobox
        obtains a string of the list items separated by nulls.

        My conclusions are that when the style %CBS_DROPDOWN is used, then
        CONTROL GET TEXT obtains the text in the edit part of the control.
        But when %CBS_DROPDOWNLIST is specified, CONTROL GET TEXT obtains
        only a null string.

        If I'm correct, both the online help and the hardcover user's
        manual should be modified.



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          1. Context help is designed for non-resizable "modal" dialog boxes that do not have a minimize or maximize button - this is a Windows design "feature". The usual "workaround" is to create a button on your dialog that emulates "WHATSTHISHELP" by sending a %WM_HELP message to the dialog when clicked. Most app's use an IMGBUTTONX button with a "HELP" icon. Scriptmaker is a good example of this.

          2. Thanks for bringing the combobox help file issue to our attention - I'll investigate this and advide the Doc's department with any changes that may be necessary.

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          mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
          mailto:[email protected]