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  • Windows API Cecil & MCM

    Do you know is it is posibale to get the windows API books in computer
    formate or on a audio book of some type??

    Cecil Do you have the ISBN for the books you talked about. Would it
    posibale to send me some code use just windows api that I can look

    thanks joe


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    Here is the info that you requested:

    Programming Windows with CDROM (Hardcover)

    by Charles Petzold
    In Stock: Usually ships within 24 hours.
    Retail Price: $59.99
    BAM Price: $41.99
    Millionaire's Club Price: $37.79
    You Save $22.20 ! (37%)

    ISBN: 157231995X
    Publisher: Microsoft Press
    Date: Dec 1998


    WIN32 Programming (Hardcover)

    by Brent E. Rector; Joseph M. Newcomer
    In Stock: Ships within 2-3 days.
    Retail Price: $59.95
    BAM Price: $41.96
    Millionaire's Club Price: $37.76
    You Save $22.19 ! (37%)

    ISBN: 0201634929
    Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
    Date: Dec 1996

    The prices above are from however
    most local book stores should be able to get or may
    have in stock the books that I mentioned.

    See the samples directory under your PB version, there
    are several examples of API style programming.

    I suggest you start out with Petzold because he does
    a good job in the basics. Rector/Newcomer gets down
    into the bowels of Window programming. Note that all
    the example coding in these books are in C/C++, but
    don't let that intimidate you. Translating to PB will
    become quiet easy after a short period of time and you'll
    pickup on some C programming as a bonus.

    I don't know if these books are available in the format
    you want, but hard copy is the only way to go here.



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      win32 reference books:

      powerbasic support
      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</a>
      mailto:[email protected]


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        I would like to recommend another book. While I also have the two
        books mentioned by Lance and Cecil, I actually prefer the one listed
        below since I find it a little easier to read and learn from.

        "Windows 98 Programming from the Ground Up"
        by Herbert Schildt
        Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1998
        cover price: $34.99 in USA

        I believe I got it from at 20% discount



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          Thanks for the recommendation... I've updated the FAQ to include this book with a couple of URL's to Fatbrain & Amazon.

          PowerBASIC Support
          mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
          mailto:[email protected]