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Can PB interface with sys/vxd drivers?

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  • Can PB interface with sys/vxd drivers?

    Does anyone know if PB programs can interface with drivers such as .sys/.vxd's ? I think it's out of the question in VB, but I just discovered PB and the machine-code compile makes me wonder what new powers are available to me.
    Im assuming that it would be possible - does anyone have any examples?
    Many thanks again!


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    PowerBASIC produces files of the type Portable Executable where win95 VxDs
    are in the old LE format from 16 bit windows. The later drivers for NT, 98 se
    and win2k are of a different type again and if you need to actually build
    drivers, Microsoft produce a DDK for each type.

    Drivers are platform specific and you will need to look up the reference
    material for each version of windows to get the specific detail of what
    drivers are available. The documented technique for calling a driver is
    to use CreateFile and from memory, DeviveIOControl() but it is a path frought
    with few joys.

    Reards & good luck with it.

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