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Wish for a next release of PBEdit

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  • Wish for a next release of PBEdit

    1) As mentioned earlier, a small project box instead of the topmenu.
    2) Making use of a .MAK file, this should set the primary module once and for all.
    3) And please! VB has bad support on this too.
       Make sure any person can set the font and background completely to his own needs!
       I program a lot in my custom made project Database, i have set the backcolor to...
       GREEN yes green, it's the only friendly looking color wich saves my eyes after several hours op programming.
       (Forecolor = white)
       So, don't forget fontbold etc..
    4) The procedure combo is not following on my cursor position.
    5) F2 in VB3 shows a small popup dialog with the procedures to jump to.
       Don't underestimate this, this is a very quick way to jump.
       VB replaced it for the object browser.. BAD!
    6) F5 for compiling.
    These remarks are not a big a problem i guess.
    I can live without the above except point 3.
    The white is just to bad, my monitor's brightness is allmost 25% now.
    (Isn't there a patch for setting the hBackground class used?)
    [email protected]

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    I have a suggestion for the PB IDE too !

    The combobox that lists all the procedures/functions can't
    differentiate between two procedures with the same name. It
    always jumps to the first one with that name.

    I use "conditional" compiling a lot (using #IF ) and I sometimes
    have the same procedure twice and only one gets compiled into the
    app based on the preprocessing commands (#IF).

    For example, my EZGUI Visual Designer and the new SDK Designer are
    actually the exact same program. I use conditional compiling to
    determine which code blocks get used for each version. This saves
    a lot of time since, changes made to one version are also in the
    other, but I can also have code unique to the particular version.

    Because PB allows conditional compiling, it is quite possible to
    have multiple versions of the "same" procedure, so whatever
    mechanism is used for "listing" and "finding" the procedures/functions
    must take this into consideration.

    Maybe you could put a {1}, {2}, etc. after each repeated name. Then when
    the IDE searches for it, it would "compensate" and select the
    correct one.

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


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      edwin, chris & others,

      i have posted a new topic in the third party forum about a new ide you might be interested in...

      the page is at:


      kev g peel
      kgp software
      bridgwater, uk.
      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</a>

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