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PowerBasic for GUI Windows Developer next version???

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    PowerBasic for GUI Windows Developer next version???

    Dear Tom,


    - Build-in OOP support in PBDOS,PBCC and PBDLL Compilers A.S.A.P
    - Syntax Custom Color highlighting and setup colors and fonds in
    PBCC/PBDLL (I haat white background).
    - New types : Enumeration type, % ==> Const
    - Const functions and sub variabels
    - I hope that the IDE like Borland Delphi 5.0
    - An Graphical User Interface with drag and drop with the mouse the
    components ==> concept like Borland Delphi no Visual Basic.
    I hate Visual Basic it's an interpreter no an compiler!!!
    I like a fast compiler
    - 32-bit DLL Compiler output exe's LFN's
    - Professional Graphical IDE
    - Build-in Units (like PBDOS)and projects A.S.A.P
    - More examples!!!

    I like the PowerBasic Compilers!!!



    Argh! WHY do you keep posting the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over AGAIN?!

    I'm all for free speech. But repeated speech gets annoying pretty quickly. Many people here have told you that they get your message. Simply posting it many times over won't win support of your ideas, good or bad. Either say something constructive or don't say anything at all.

    We've all seen you requests for Power Delphi > . Now let's all wait patiently for PB 7.





      Who holds the key to subject locking around here, there is
      clearly a touch of Deja Vu here (Ah been here before).

      [email protected]

      hutch at movsd dot com
      The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries


        I have to agree with Jason.

        Posting the same stuff over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (did you get my point) and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is irritating.


        Home of the BASIC Gurus
        Home of the BASIC Gurus


          and over...
          Home of the BASIC Gurus



            How many times have we been here, 30 or more??

            Same Old Stuff, Same Old Stuff.

            I think the big problem is that Stephane doesn't know
            how to use the tools he already has.

            PowerBasic Code has saved by Butt. I love it.


            pt AT pursuersoft DOT com


              I think we should do away with coding all together. The compiler
              should be smart enough for me to just say "Make me a Text Editor"
              and voila... A text editor...

              Warped by the rain, Driven by the snow...



                Argggghhhhhhhhh! Christ man!, GO AWAY!!!!!!!

                I've had e-mails off you and they all say the same thing:

                Maybe, if you'd just give us all a chance, we might be writing code instead of reading your mundane messages!!!

                No Regards,

                Kev G Peel
                KGP Software, Bridgwater, UK.

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                  Stephane does get repetitive

                  however, I can't help feeling that the other posts in this
                  thread have contributed to the bloat of this particular
                  "discussion" without adding any content whatsoever.



                  PS: I guess my contribution falls in the same category




                    I want one of those too, the only OOP(s) will be when I have too
                    much pure malt on board.


                    1. Performance and size like hand optimised assembler.
                    2. Voice activation only, no keyboard or mouse input.
                    3. No data types.
                    4. Direct verbal control of interface components.
                    5. NET aware.
                    6. JIT compiling so it builds on a MAC but runs like 64 bit MIPS.
                    7. Compile speed in under a nanosecond.
                    8. IDE free code design.
                    9. Example free environment.
                    10. Object free design.
                    11. IDEAL Language design so bugs are not possible.
                    12. Capacity to understand instruction input in any natural language.
                    13. Automatic error correction while under instruction.


                    [email protected]

                    hutch at movsd dot com
                    The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries



                      Since we're wishing...

                      Add DWIM support. (Do what I mean).

                      Michael Mattias
                      Tal Systems (retired)
                      Port Washington WI USA
                      [email protected]



                        This may help with your list of requests.

                        I was reading some literature about Visual Basic and they claim
                        to be able to do all the things you want.



                          I disagree with most of stephane's requests. Simply because a lot
                          of his requests are personal programming habits of himself. I
                          believe a good programmer should adapt to the language instead
                          of having it modified to meet his/her needs.

                          Everything that he lists can be accomplished with programming.

                          The thing that bugs me the most is when people bug PowerBasic
                          about making a good IDE and Graphical Generator. I mean who are
                          we guys? Some of the best programmers in the world come to these
                          forums! And we complain about little stuff like that.

                          So we have 100's of damn good programmers that come here and only
                          3 or 4 people have made IDE/Graphical Generators.

                          I believe that if we're going to bug PowerBasic about adding
                          stuff to a very inexpensive compiler I think we should first
                          try to do our job! (If I did this everyday I would never have
                          a job)

                          Just for the support of Powerbasic, I think the focus of DDT
                          and the winsock wrappers are the right direction simply because
                          that most VB programmer have no idea about the inner workings
                          of the SDK or winsock or any other features for that matter.

                          I think that having a wrapper helps amature programmers build
                          up there skill lever, and I'll be honest, I had NO idea about
                          SDK, actually I didn't even know that it existed. I was
                          sheltered from it with VB. But DDT wasn't that much of a
                          change so I grasped it easily, and soon I'll be working with
                          SDK. I think that these wrappers are the way to go.

                          Just my opinion, take it as you will.



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                          [email protected]


                            Personally, I think Stephanes posts are "harmless" and I am
                            surprised at how much "flack" he gets from others.

                            True he is "persistant" and "repetative", but it doesn't hurt
                            anyone. At least he is enthusiastic !

                            Much of Stephanes wishlist has been also asked by others and I
                            guess he is just adding his vote.

                            Stifling "honest" expressions, no matter how poorly it may be
                            expressed, is counter productive.

                            To Stephane a suggestion :

                            Rather than simply state a list if Wishs for PB, it would be better
                            to take your first few top wishes and try to explain in more
                            detail "why" they are important to you and possibly "how" you
                            think they could be implimented.

                            Also it would be helpful to us a little more about "how" you
                            currently write software and in what way you currently use the
                            PB compiler. Are you only using PB for DLLs ? Have you attempted
                            to learn DDT or SDK style coding ?

                            Chris Boss
                            Computer Workshop
                            Developer of "EZGUI"


                              I think Michael's suggestion is a great leap forward, having the capacity
                              in a programming language to "Do what I mean" is true leading edge
                              technology, no more grubby bits, bytes, mouse, editors, functions, subs
                              etc ...., just the power of sheer imagination.

                              Now all we have to do is convince Stephane to code this new concept for
                              us in Delphi so we can share all of the advantages that he would wish us
                              to have.

                              [email protected]

                              hutch at movsd dot com
                              The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries



                                Stephane --

                                Keep up the good work!
                                With your help we are all allowed to see the true personality
                                of some of our fellow PB-programmers. Very interesting!


                                [email protected]


                                  By the time Powerbasic gets all our collective GUI wishes into the compiler,
                                  Graphic User Interface may be obsolete and we will start moaning about the
                                  lack of Voice Command API support and 64-Bit version and what not

                                  Instead of playing catch-up we may be better off if we leap-frog everyone else
                                  and concentrate on these future technologies.

                                  Now on a serious note

                                  Why is it that we programmer types are always more preoccupied with what our
                                  programming tools cannot do rather than taking advantage of what they can?

                                  If all the time and energy that goes into debating the merits of this and that was
                                  spent on learning the SDK, we would all be crack and programmers by now.



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                                    Much of Stephanes wishlist has been also asked by others and I
                                    guess he is just adding his vote.

                                    Stifling "honest" expressions, no matter how poorly it may be
                                    expressed, is counter productive.
                                    Do a search on Stephan's posts and tell me that it isn't repetitive. He's "voted" many times .

                                    As I stated before, I'm all for free speech. But in technical newsgroup forums like this one (as well as the DevX and Developmentor forums), I expect a high signal-to-noise ratio. Having someone post the same thing time and time again is IMO annoying. Especially when members of the PowerBASIC staff have told him in the newsgroup that they have received his requests and will handle them as they would any other request.

                                    I have stated what I wanted in PB. Others have as well. I believe that PowerBASIC listens, even if they don't implement what I want. I just wish Stephen would understand that the request has been heard, and it's up to PB to determine if it will be implemented or not.





                                      Stephan [has]"voted" many times..
                                      Maybe he's from Chicago.
                                      Michael Mattias
                                      Tal Systems (retired)
                                      Port Washington WI USA
                                      [email protected]


                                        Michael, can you please explain that comment to a poor non-US citizen? Was there some sort of scandal?


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