I have the answer to make both world happy...

As the author of PBSEdit, the idea of implementing an IDE to PB
is very simple. Leave PB the way it is and build an external IDE
which will convert IDE commands to current PB code. So, we get
an IDE compiler and a PB compiler. See what I mean? This way, low
level programmers don't need to look at an IDE, OOP people can
take advantage of the IDE. PBSEdit is under construction and looks
very much like the Delphi IDE. When you code OOP in the IDE, the
codes will be translated to PB code. Say...

Form1.Button1.Caption = "Cancel"

will be converted to...

Button1Caption = "Cancel"
SendMessage hButton1, %WM_SETTEXT, 0, STRPTR(Button1Caption)

..by the IDE before the PB compiler makes the EXE.

So in other words, don't change PB, create a stand alone IDE
that works with PB. This way, we'll all be happy