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  • TCP/IP Packet Sniffer

    How is a Packet Sniffer created in Windows NT/9x? I've seen many
    of them out there and I was wondering how they are made? Are they
    created iwth vxd's? or a simple API call? I'm wanting to create
    a packet sniffer that will save all network traffic on the server.

    So I want to run this program on my workstation or the server and
    be able to see packets from any ip within my network. Any Ideas?

    I would like to make this program instead of a 3rd party company.

    [email protected]

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    Packet capture drivers for 9x, NT, 2K and open-source library to capture with ...
    nmap was ported to NT/2K by the brains trust at by using these libraries, they are very popular... snort and syphon were also ported to Windows using these drivers
    If you ever manage to get PB to interface with the drivers, please post example source