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    I think I am going to be offered a new job writing Access Databases.
    I hope this could be an opportunity to really show off and make
    a difference. The question is this;

    My prospective employer is adamant that the database AND APPLICATION
    be written in Microsoft Access. There are many good reasons for
    this that I do not need to go into. I got the job based on my
    VB experience and have no worries about making the change. But
    does anybody know whether I can use DLL's written with PB in
    Microsoft Access. If I can, then I will have to upgrade to PB/DLL
    sooner rather than later and really start making a difference.

    Many thanks


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    Trevor, I suggest you use the search feature and look for
    MS Access and SQL Tools. There are several posts on the
    subject which im sure will help you with your decision.

    Client Writeup for the CPA

    Links Page


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      Yes, you can use PowerBASIC dlls with Access, just the same as you do from VB.

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        The same as VB? VB uses all the DAO and ADO object models to control Access, how does PB access MS Access? I'm still a little new to PB


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          Paul, Paul Noble stated (correctly) that you can use PB generated DLL's with Access and VB. He did not say that you can _directly_ use the VB/VBA DAO COM library from PowerBASIC.

          You have a few possibilities though... you could use SQLTOOLS to handlke the DB stuff from PowerBASIC, or you could use JACOM/PB ( ) with PB/DLL in order to utilize the DAO ActiveX library.

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