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  • Extensions for PBCC and PBDLL

    One major weaknesses with PBCC and PBDLL is in file handling.
    Both products have adopted the MS file handling which works but
    is inflexible when it come to random access files. It only
    supports fixed length fields. Which are major problem when
    you have dynamic strings.

    What would be nice is if you could add random access file access
    with support for variable length fields. The old CB86 had these
    functions and made file handling extremely flexible.

    Basically the function would be similar to reading and writing
    sequential files expect there is one more variable, the record
    number. The record would be padded or truncated to fit the
    record length.

    This method of file handling means it possible to have different
    record structure within a random access files such as in B+tree
    index system. You can have 10 fields in one record, 2 fields in
    others, 1 fields in another which is a dynamic string which is
    full record size.


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    martin, your problem sounds similar to one i encountered not long ago, discussed at
    kind regards



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      Without reading the sample, I know PB added the GET|PUT ABS option to handle variable length strings in files opened BINARY.

      Maybe that's something to look at...

      However, I never remember ANY BASIC supporting random access of variable-length records.


      Michael Mattias
      Racine WI USA
      [email protected]
      Michael Mattias
      Tal Systems (retired)
      Port Washington WI USA
      [email protected]