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Setting static IP address, subnet mask and default gateway from PB/DLL

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  • Setting static IP address, subnet mask and default gateway from PB/DLL

    Here's one for you IP gurus out there...

    I need to be able to set a computer's IP address (static), subnet mask and default gateway programatically from PB/DLL. I assume this would be done by changing registry keys, but that's as far as I get... The computers in question are running Win 98, but a generic Win32 approach would be preferred. If I could also check that the computer is really set up to use a static address (as opposed to obtaining one through DHCP or similar) it would be great, but it's not essential.

    I've tried searching MSDN etc, but either I don't know what to look for or it isn't there. Any hints on how to accomplish this would be very much appreciated!



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    I created a program in PB/DLL that converts a static IP based pc to DHCP for both the Win9x platform as well as the WinNT4 (not sure of Win2k or ME platform).

    With a little reverse engineering it's easy to convert me code into what you desire.

    I have release the code as freeware as long as you don'r rip me off and sell it for cash

    Send me your email address and I'll send you the source files.

    BTW my source is based on registry hacks and not the API

    --- George (my anti-spam address)

    George W. Bleck
    Senior System Engineer
    KeySpan Corporation
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