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window creator for API style code

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  • Steve Hutchesson
    Sorry for being a bit slack but last week was not one of my best weeks, I
    have posted on my Australian site, a piece of demo code that has a number
    of windows created by MAKEWIN.

    The demo was started in the code generator Prostart and the windows were
    added using MAKEWIN. It took about a half an hour to create the demo.

    Please note that the demo has absolute paths in it so to get it to build
    on another machine, you will need to change the paths to reflect the paths
    on your own machine.


    [email protected]


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  • Steve Hutchesson
    started a topic window creator for API style code

    window creator for API style code

    I have just posted on my Australian home page an accessory for my freeware
    code generator called MAKEWIN.

    It is suitable for any API based code as long as its design is properly
    understood. I am fundamentally lazy and hate rewriting code that I have
    written many times and this tool is designed to take the hack work out of
    making additional windows for an application. It has a wide range of
    commonly used window options and it has the commonly used messages in the
    message handling proc as options as well.

    For anyone who has not seen the toys on my site, you are welcome to
    download my freeware code generating tools for PowerBASIC, I need them for
    my own work and I post them for PowerBASIC programmers to use as well.

    It is currently testing up OK and it is doing the job I need it to do but it
    may still be a little rough around the edges so any feedback here would be

    It is worth noting that the manual options allow the programmer to select
    combinations of options that may not work correctly. The reference material
    for the options is in the win32.hlp file under WNDCLASSEX, CreateWindowEx
    and CreateWindow.

    Regards & I hope its useful,

    [email protected]