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  • The Future of PowerBasic

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but here It is. I'm a student at the University of Massachusettes, and like 3 kids in my dorm use PB/DLL, all comp sci majors like myself, and oddly enough we purchased it for personal use, non-school. Anyway, we were talking the other day about the next version, which brought me to wondering, are there any articles or any information that can be shared upon what will be included with the next version, possibly a few of the features, and relevant fixes? Just a curious question. Thanks.

    Matt G


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    Hi Matt,

    Nice to see you here, but I'm afraid that you have registered without including your surname - that is a prime requirement of the rules of this BBS... Please reregister correctly before posting further messages. Thanks!

    Regarding the future of PowerBASIC - we have some exciting things in the wings which I'm *very* confident will impress everyone, but the PowerBASIC "no vaporware" policy prevents any PowerBASIC staff member or beta team member from disclosing any details, features, or functionality, including expected shipping dates.

    What I can tell you is that updates to the existing compiler range are definite, and all confirmed bugs/problems should be fully addressed...

    Thanks for asking! We all hope to see you as a regular contributor on this BBS once you have reregistered with your full name (first + last)... all PowerBASIC customers are actively encouraged to participate in these forums!

    PowerBASIC Support
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