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  • Peter P Stephensen


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  • jeroen brouwers
    started a topic strange behaviour

    strange behaviour

    Hi, I would just like to report something rather strange:

    If I somehow create an error with the dimensions of an array (like call the 2e dimension of a 1 dimensional array, or call a dimension larger than Ubound) I get the strangest behaviour:
    IT QUITS THE DLL at once! My DLL has errorhandlers in every sub (which are not activated). I've tried #DEBUG ERROR ON and OFF, no difference.
    Normally I would think it would crash or provide some error.

    I'm calling the DLL from a VB app, which expects a results. Suddenly my cursor is back without ANY result!

    Its hard to minimize the code and provide a reproducable error but has anyone heard this before?

    BTW: how do you check how many dimensions an array has? The Ubound(Array, 2) provides a results that seems to be the last value...

    Hope it help in a way.