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Native APIs for NT/2000

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  • Wayne Diamond
    ive got that book - i find it difficult to understand as some of the explanations are too general, but it does cover a _lot_ of API calls
    Im not having any luck in translating it's declarations to PB either, and even if I knew any C++ i think i'd still have difficulty
    think its more a book for the experts, but yeah - it certainly covers a lot of API calls, lots of them previously undocumented
    best of luck,


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  • Karlheinz Nester
    started a topic Native APIs for NT/2000

    Native APIs for NT/2000

    To all our API gurus (geeks),
    last night I stumpled over a recent present.It is
    called "Windows NT/2000 Native API Reference",a book
    by Gary Nebbet.
    My question to you :does anyone has experience
    with this hidden MS API calls???
    May we use this calls ?
    TIA Karlheinz