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    I need help!

    Well, I got that job programming in MS Access, you don't have to feel
    sorry for me though! I have bought PB/DLL to speed up my programs
    and it works well. But! I am having to code around several problems
    that I am sure I shouldn't have to do. So what am I doing wrong.

    The first project I have been given is a data takeon program from
    a system that is so old that it still uses big endian numbers what
    a perfect use for my newly aquired DLL compiler

    I read the file as a string (Binary) convert to small endian and
    to my main function as a LONG, INT, whatever.

    except the whatever does not work.

    an example.
    function ConvertLong alias "convertLong"(arg as string) as long
       dim lngTemp as long
       'convert the string to small endian here then convert to
       'a long using a union
       function = lngTemp
    end function
    and it works a dream.
    function ConvertCurr alias "convertCurr"(arg as string) as currency
       dim lngTemp as long
       dim curTemp as cur
       'convert the string to small endian here then convert to
       'a long using a union
       curTemp = lngtemp/100
       function = curTemp
    end function
    doesn't work
    my workaround:

    from VBA call the convertLong function that works then
    curVariable = ccur(lngResult/100)
    Why can i return a long to VBA then convert it to Currency but I
    cannot divide by 100 and return a currency from within PB/DLL.
    according to the help file both PB and VB VBA use the same format
    for currency as long as I avoid cux.

    This should be so simple. I feel like a real idiot.


    we already discussed this trouble

    e-mail: [email protected]


      Thanks Semen,

      I have just solved the problem in a much simpler way. If anyone is
      interested the currency variable is just a Long variable that
      is read with 4 implied decimal places. Therefore in the PB DLL
      declare the function as

      Function functionname(arg as any)export as long

      but in VB VBA declare the function

      declare function functionname(arg as any) as currency

      In the DLL you have to make sure the result returned has enough
      digits. For example if the value you want to return is 100.75
      you need to ensure that the long returned reads 1007500

      This works fine for me, however does anybody know a reason
      why I shouldn't do this.




        Have you tried to do this:
        PB function
        Function PBreturnCurrency(Arg as any)[b]Export As Cur[/b](rency)
        Declared in VB like this
        Declare Function "PBRETURNCURRENCY" Lib "MYDLL.DLL"(Arg as Any)[b]AS DOUBLE[/b]
        added later
        Sorry, I should have read Semens thread before writing the reply....

        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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          A Currency data type in VB is not a LONG with four implied decimal places.
          It is a QUAD (8 Bytes) with four implied decimal places.

          Joe Murphy