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A problem with Common Dialogs in IDE.

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  • A problem with Common Dialogs in IDE.

    I have been having a problem lately with the PB 6.0 IDE
    failing to display the Open/Save Common Dialog when I use the
    Files menu in the IDE.

    I haven't had the problem before and I know that it is
    NOT a bug in the IDE, since the same thing has happened a few times
    with Microsoft OutLook.

    If I select a menu option that should display one of the common
    dialogs (Open or Save), the Dialog simply doesn't appear. The
    problem doesn't occur all the time, but just intermitantly.

    Is it possible that some program I installed recently installed
    either an old or bad version of the Common Dialogs DLL and how
    can I tell if this is so ?

    I couldn't find any Common Dialogs download at the Microsoft web
    site to try to update mine.

    Has anyone ever experienced a problem like this before ?

    I ran my virus software (Norton AntiVirus) and it doesn't
    report any virus. Are there any virus' that it may not report
    that could cause this problem ?

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"

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    Chris --
    1) To update common controls - see

    2) It looks that you installed something and this program incorrectly changed a DLL.
    Look release info in Explorer.

    E-MAIL: [email protected]


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      I was talking about the Common Dialogs DLL, not the
      common controls DLL.

      Do you no where I can download the latest Common Dialogs
      DLL ?

      Chris Boss
      Computer Workshop
      Developer of "EZGUI"


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        Chris --
        About separate comdlg - no idea, but
        1) it's a part of Windows's distributive.
        For example in Win2000, I386 there is COMDLG32.DL_
        (this is a cabinet file; so - extract COMDLG32.DL_ )
        2) Today I redownload SP1 for Win2000 (Russian) and received latest release (July).

        E-MAIL: [email protected]


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          Usually, any signifigant download from M$ includes vital system files, in fact, to keep right up to date, IE(?Whatever?) has all the latest quirks (and bugs) you want!

          If all else fails, try that!


          Kev G Peel
          KGP Software
          Bridgwater, United Kingdom.
          mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


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            I really need help with problem !

            The Common Dialogs (open/save file) have been failing
            intermitantly in a variety of applications. MS Outlook,
            notepad and PB IDE (6.0).

            They just don't appear, when you select "Open" from the file menu.
            I have to exit the app and then the Dialog works again. But it
            will eventually fail again.

            I got a clue, because my WinZip 8.0 also experienced the
            problem with the Open Dialog, but Winzip must test for errors
            when using the Common Dialogs and it displayed the following
            error message:


            This turns out to be :


            in the MS API docs. They suggest the Dialogbox function used in the
            common dialog, was passed a bad window handle. Likely they must mean
            the parent handle. So the Dialog failed to be created.

            Now, my question is , why have I never had this problem before with
            any of the above apps and then now all of a sudden, a bunch of apps
            are having fits with the Common Dialog ?

            Chris Boss
            Computer Workshop
            Developer of "EZGUI"


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              Low resources? Do you have a resource monitor/meter running?

              It could also be a corrupted system file, or some other app you have running in the background.

              Maybe you need to "clean your windows" by reinstalling to a clean directory. It always amazes me how much faster my system becomes when I reinstall Windows and just the necessary file from scratch...

              PowerBASIC Support
              mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
              mailto:[email protected]


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                I agree with you, Lance.

                This would be the best solution :

                x& = shell("format c:\ /u /autotest")

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                  Chris, I have seen a similar problem in the past couple days. A
                  co worker could not open any icons, or start any jobs. I never
                  determined the actual cause, but on the affected system, it seemed
                  to be connected to the use of the MS Office Toolbar. (At least,
                  the problem went away when I closed the toolbar). Another tech
                  suggested (which I can not verify) that it may be related to a recent
                  update to McAfee virus scan.

                  BTW, the problems I have seen this week are all on NT 4, sp 5.

                  John Kovacich.


                  John Kovacich
                  Ivory Tower Software


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                    I have "Norton Anti Virus" and I regularly update it via
                    the Internet.

                    My "gut feeling" is that I installed something in the last
                    few months that over wrote a system file that effects the
                    Common Dialog DLL. I reinstalled the original Common Dialog
                    DLL from my WIN95 CD, but it didn't help.

                    Has anyone else experienced anything like this ?

                    Chris Boss
                    Computer Workshop
                    Developer of "EZGUI"


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                      Did you check the amount of free resources as I suggested earlier? You did not comment on this...

                      PowerBASIC Support
                      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
                      mailto:[email protected]


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                        I ran the resource monitor and there doesn't seem to be a problem.

                        I used depends.exe to see what DLLs the Common Dialog DLL depends
                        upon and it doesn't use anything other than user, kernal and GDI,
                        but it is possible that the Common Dialog loads some dlls via
                        LoadLibrary (like the common controls), which means they won't show
                        up in depends.exe.

                        Likely, it is one of the "other" DLLs, that the common Dialog DLL
                        accesses that has been changed. I never had this problem before,
                        but now it occurs quite often (about a month or so).

                        I periodically install new apps regularly from stuff I download
                        via the web. I always run virus scan on them, but it doesn't mean
                        they won't modify a system dll when I install them.

                        Some of the apps I have loaded lately (demos via the web) are :



                        Basic 2000


                        IMS Dwarf

                        There are some other small apps, but usually they are unzipped and
                        simply run, not installed.

                        As I mentioned, the problem is not caused by the PB IDE. Its just
                        that the PB IDE is just one of many apps that experience this
                        quirk with the Common Dialogs. Even Notepad and MS Outlook are
                        affected by this quirk.

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                        Chris Boss
                        Computer Workshop
                        Developer of "EZGUI"


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                          In similar situations much faster to do "crean" installation.
                          As I remember my work under 95, I re-installed OS every 4-5 weeks, mainly because of installation additional programs
                          (somewhere occurs conflicts).
                          Typically, it's important to save Mail, address book + some ini files only.

                          E-MAIL: [email protected]


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                            Perhaps you could try to close all programs except explorer from the
                            'Close' dialog box that is brought up by the 3 finger salute before you
                            try it. That would at least exonerate any program loaded in memory that
                            might be interferring somehow. Norton crash guard would be one of my
                            prime suspects.

                            Other than that, you might have to re-install Windows. After you get
                            your system working properly again, I wonder about some of the software
                            that is advertised to maintain your critical system files and drivers.
                            Anyway, I am fascinated by this problem and hope to learn from it.



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                              Does Win95 have sfc? or was that introduced with Win98?

                              You said you periodically install apps, and listed a few. Does this
                              mean you periodically uninstall them as well? Could you be looking at
                              a bad uninstall (still resulting in an out of date dll) instead of
                              an overwritten dll?

                              Maybe you can reinstall VB (forgive me) and see if it loads a working
                              common dialog.

                              John Kovacich


                              John Kovacich
                              Ivory Tower Software


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                                I think I found a "possible" cause for the problem !

                                I was searching my harddrive and checking OS files for mismatched
                                files. I came across a Folder (of of Programs) called DCOM98

                                There was a subfolder off this one called OldOle.

                                There was an Uninstal.exe program in the OldOle folder, so I ran it.

                                I think this restored my old OLE OS files, which may have been
                                overwritten by some program that installed DCOM.

                                DCOM is a newer version of COM.

                                I have a gut feeling that I installed a program that requires the
                                latest DirectX stuff (I also installed a while back DirectX 7)
                                and it included the new DCOM.

                                Since, I am running Windows 95, it may be possible that DCOM for WIN 98
                                may not work well.

                                So far, the PB IDE seems much more stable now !

                                I loaded a bunch of bas files in the IDE and the Common Dialog didn't
                                choke, like it did before.

                                I'll see how things go over the next few days to see if the
                                problem is really gone and report back once I am convinced it
                                is gone.

                                Has anyone else ever had problems with DCOM (98) on a WIN 95
                                machine ?

                                Chris Boss
                                Computer Workshop
                                Developer of "EZGUI"


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                                  Well, I was wrong !

                                  My PC still has the problem I posted about.

                                  I have also notice a good bit of instability when using IExplorer 5.0.
                                  It locks up quite often. Makes me wonder if I am having a hardware
                                  problem. Would it be possible for a hardware problem (ie. Video)
                                  to cause the problem with the Common Dialogs ?

                                  The locks up with IExplorer likely could be my video adapter.

                                  I am getting tempted to simply reinstall everything (including OS)
                                  but I don't have the time to go through all that.

                                  Chris Boss
                                  Computer Workshop
                                  Developer of "EZGUI"


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                                    It seems unlikely that a driver would cause problems with your dialogs. It seems more likely that MSIE is the problem. You might want to upgrade to the latest 5.5 and patches. Note that I have seen MSIE 5.x cause serious problems on some Dell systems, although we use it on a wide variety of machines at PowerBASIC with no obvious trouble.

                                    (Dell claims it's all Microsoft's fault. Yeah, maybe...)

                                    Tom Hanlin
                                    PowerBASIC Staff