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  • Communication & *.DEF

    I've been working on a DOS app that must work on windows95, -98, -2000, and -NT. I've found that the interrupts don't work on winNT, so I've written a PBDLL app that gets long file names for me through the API calls. Communication between the DOS app and the PB app is via temporary files. The DOS app writes a temporary file containing the directory parameters and the PB app reads the file, and proceeds to perform the required operation.

    The question: is there a better way to communicate between the 16-bit DOS app and the 32-bit PB app.?

    Looking at the win32.HLP it indicates that the pointer to the process name when calling LOADLIBRARY must be the same as the *.DEF file for the process name. Is that required for a PB dll?

    Also, when calling functions which are not listed in the PB, how does one go about finding the ALIAS of a process?

    Walt Decker