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  • C/C++ Code To PB/DLL Information

    I have recently started programming windows using PB/DLL and have
    acquired a number of books on the subject. They all have tons of
    example code but all in C/C++.

    Do any of you know of a good utility program that converts C/C++
    code to PB/DLL or even any good reference material.


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    Make it your life work for us all..

    We would all benefit from this..

    [email protected]


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      check out

      Win32Reference and how to read C++. That should give you a kickstart.




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        Thanks Eigil,

        I checked out the site. It is a starting place.

        Back in a bit............



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          My suggestion is to start learning C/C++. I know this sounds
          intimidating but it will pay off in the long run. Why, you ask,
          well for the same reasons you are trying to take the easy
          way out. Sorta like using DDT before learning the API SDK
          style. You'll have a better grasp as to what's going on "under
          the hood". This is the route I took, maybe not for you, but
          I have a better grip (I didn't say total understanding) on
          programming in windows in PB and C/C++. And since Dave Navarro
          hasn't written a book on PB yet, every example piece of code
          at MSDN is going to be in C/C++. Same for Petzold and
          Rector/Newcomer. Really, C is quite easy to learn. The compiler
          and linker interface is a horse of a different color.




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            I suggest using Petzold's book in conjunction with Keith Waters' excellent translations of the C code into PB/DLL.

            These translations are downloadable as PETZOLD.ZIP at

            Regards, Simon Morgan (sharing an ID with Alex Mitchell!)


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              Thanks Alex,
              Thanks Cecil,

              I have Petzold's book and the PB code set. The two as a set is a great help
              and has been an invaluable tool. As suggested by Cecil I have just
              recently purchased the Book "Teaching yoursel C++ in 21 Days".
              Having the knowledge of how C++ works is definiately a great help.

              I might even attempt to write a program or even a document that helps
              with the translation of C++ to PB....

              Thanks again

              By-the-way whenever any of you guys think about visiting the Bahamas
              send me an email to let me know. I live here.