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PB/DLL Virtual ListBox control

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  • Jules Marchildon

    Thanks!!! Also very useful for me.

    Best regards,

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  • Borje Hagsten
    Thank you. Only glad if it can be of some help. Needed it myself
    and realized it could be useful for others, so I took the day off
    to clear up the mess and make it more presentable.

    I think (hope) I have got the GDI stuff right this time..

    Yes, multi-column arrays is possible, plus the possibility to
    parse and use different colors/fonts per column. Just put array
    item in a string in the FOR/NEXT loop in WM_PAINT, parse and use
    multiple TextOuts with different settings. Also quite easy to
    include bitmaps both as background and anywhere on a line as list
    items. Just tweak the code in WM_PAINT to suit your own needs.

    Should need horizontal scroll bar handling, though. Will do that
    later, but at least it's a start..


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  • Fred Oxenby
    started a topic PB/DLL Virtual ListBox control

    PB/DLL Virtual ListBox control

    Snyggt Börje.
    Precis vad jag behöver, men inte haft tid eller kunskap att göra själv.
    Den bästa julklappen i år.
    --For people with english as second or third language--
    Cool Borje, Exactly what I need,but hadn't the skill or time to do myself.
    Best xmas-gift this year.
    Best part is the possibility to sort the array on any column you chose

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