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  • Check This Out For Syntax Coloring

    I have been using UltraEdit-32 for about 7 years. They offer it as a
    30 day demo if you'd like to try it. (no, i do not know the author
    or own stock in the company. I'm just very a satisfied customer).

    There are several generic language lists built in that give you
    "stock" syntax coloring. And, of couse, you can customize your
    own lists if you prefer.

    Set up your PowerBasic directories on the toolbar (very intutitive
    and easily done) and you're one click away from having your source
    load into the PowerBasic program. If you make and save changes to
    your code while in the PowerBasic editor, UltraEdit will prompt you
    to keep or discard your changes when you return.

    After using it for a very short time you'll realize that it was
    written by a programmer ... for programmers.

    Anyway, I'm sounding like a commercial at this point and since I'm
    not getting paid I'll shut up now. =)

    Wesley Brown