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Windows ME replacing Windows 98?

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  • Windows ME replacing Windows 98?

    I received an e-mail today from a computer consultant
    in California that Windows 98 is being phased out
    and replaced with Windows ME. Is this true?
    If it is, I'll have to get a copy and try to solve
    some of the issues using it with DOS programs.
    Another consultant called me and said it would
    be best to discontinue support for Windows ME.
    Obviously these two consultants are giving me
    different information.


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    I've heard that Windows ME is the next version of Windows 9x and
    like Windows 3.1, Windows 9x will ultimately disappear. How
    quickly this will happen is another question.

    I know WinME handles DOS issues differntly but I didn't think
    there would be many compatibility issues. What problems are
    you seeing?


    Doug Gamble
    [email protected]


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      Yes, Windows ME is the replacement for Windows 98. ME stands for Millennium Edition.

      Of the two "tracks" that Windows has followed, ME is the latest version in the 9x family. Windows 2000 is the latest version in the NT family.

      Windows 98 and ME both cost $209 on, but they offer better deals on ME. I would not expect any newly-purchased computers to be supplied with 98, but I may be wrong.

      And BTW, Windows ME is officially the last version in the 9x family. According to Microsoft, the NT/2000 line will eventually be the only desktop operating system they will offer. Personally, I'm glad. NT/2000 is much more robust.

      I'm sure that 95/98/ME will be around much longer than 3.x was, because of the major hardware upgrades that would be required to install 2000.

      IMO not supporting ME would be an increasingly serious problem. The only upgrade path that many users will have will be ME, unless they buy new hardware. And Microsoft is no longer fixing bugs in 95/98.

      -- Eric

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        I use an active batch file to keep DOS programs without
        Windows taking over when going to one DOS program to another.
        if errorlevel 103 if not errorlevel 104 goto 103
        if errorlevel 102 if not errorlevel 103 goto 102
        rem Start MYPGM and branch to routine 103
        MYPGM 103
        goto top
        rem Start MYPGM and branch to routine 102
        MYPGM 102
        goto top
        I'm not sure that error levels are being treated correctly.
        Config.sys and autoexec.bat are not read at startup.
        FILES= statement is replaced with PerVMFiles= in
        the [386Enh] section of SYSTEM.INI.

        There is a problem with error level codes confirmed
        (talked to a Gateway store here in Omaha.)
        If this method doesn't work then a workaround will be necessary.

        Ordered a copy of Windows ME to replace Windows 98 SE
        on one of the workstations here to begin testing.

        Note: This was being posted and Eric responded before
        I even posted this. Thanks for the fast responses!

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          Last that I heard from Microsoft is that Windows 98 support is
          for the next 2 years.

          Hope that helps


          e-mail: [email protected]