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  • ANI

    Hi, all --
    I want to use .ANI with buttons.
    I tested two "static", placed on button.
    This works fine, but three controls instead of one looks too "fat".

    Somebody knows, which standart/common controls understand ANI or another animated formats ?

    If no one, I'll try to use a method, mentioned first, but there is a small problem.Static controls should be inside focus rect.
    Somebody knows a distance beetween focus rect and borders of control ?

    E-MAIL: [email protected]

  • #2
    Don't know. Maybe you can grab the text and use GetTextExtentPoint32
    to get the physical size of it, then add appropriate distance from
    text? Another way is by drawing your own buttons from scratch.

    Played around some with DrawFrameControl yesterday and discovered
    it makes it real easy to draw your own buttons, scrollbars, menus,
    etc. Very nice function, that one..

    Otherwise, subclassed controls can always be made to "accept" anything,
    including animations. A good idea would probably be to create one as
    under its own class name, as .inc file, for easy use of several of them.